My services include:

  • Registering for federal and state tax accounts

  • Preparing and filing a New Hire report

  • Calculating the correct amount of federal and state taxes to withhold each pay period

  • Preparing a paystub each pay period

  • Tracking gross pay, net pay, federal taxes withheld and state taxes withheld

  • Tracking employer federal and state taxes each pay period

  • Filing quarterly state tax returns and ensuring employer and employee taxes are remitted to the state accurately and on time

  • Notifying you of the amount of your periodic federal tax deposit so you can remit payment to the IRS accurately and on time

  • Preparing, filing, and distributing Forms W-2 and W-3 to you and the Social Security Administration (you provide necessary copies of the W-2 to your employee)

  • Providing Schedule H to accompany your personal federal income tax return

  • Responding to IRS and state requests and inquiries

Standard pricing:

  • $125 set up fee ($100 for nanny share families if both families register)

  • $125 quarterly fee (+$25 for each additional employee)

  • $75 year-end fee (+$25 for each additional employee)

Register for my services and know that you have done everything right.