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I’m glad you have chosen me to be your household employment payroll provider. I look forward to working with you!

Below is a list of steps to complete your registration. You might find it helpful to have the necessary documents handy to refer to while registering.

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  2. Create an Employer Profile
    • Your name, address, SSN
    • Your federal and state tax identification numbers (only if you already have them. Otherwise I will apply for them on your behalf.)
  3. Add Other Information Account settings, spouse's info (if applicable), etc.
  4. Agree to Terms of Service
  5. Confirm and Submit. Take one last look before you set it all up.

Note: Your account will not be created until you complete your registration. Your incomplete registration will not be saved and you will have to start again. One more tip: using your browser's back button will navigate away from this screen and you will need to start again.

The online features of this website only support Washington based employees. Please contact me directly at if your employee works in another state.

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Other Information

The federal employer identification number (EIN) is similar to your social security number, only for your business. If you don't already have one leave it blank and I will apply for it for you.
Flexible Spending Accounts are provided through your employer and allow you to use pre-tax dollars to pay your in-home care expenses.
You can make estimated federal tax deposits using the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) or IRS Direct Pay, both of which are free online services; or I can prepare a payment voucher to be mailed with your check, for which I charge a fee.
You are generally not required to provide worker's compensation coverage, however it can vary by state.
If you share your nanny with another family, please enter the last name here.
If you've already paid your employee this year before registering on this site, I'll ask a few questions later, when you’re creating your employee profile.

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